How Google Analytics can help you analyze the right Audience – New Audience report

How Google Analytics can help you analyze the right Audience – New Audience report

google analytics demon account dataIn this digital marketing and digital advertisements age, all business empires and establishments are thriving on mostly due to their websites and web portals and also android applications. The web tools have become a core and an integral part of any business success globally. The IT giant Google provides a host of tools and options so that the webmasters can get the appropriate information and statistical reports about the websites. Tracking down the exact traffic of any website is very important. It eventually helps in making the corresponding changes that increases the user activity. Google provides a toll called Google Analytics. This is basically a very advanced and effective web analytics tool. You will be able to measure the traffic to your website. Google provides many free services, you will be able avail this service for free and but also there are many premium features that you can avail after purchasing the same.

Features of Google analytics

Google launched the web analytics tool in the year 2005 after buying Urchin software. Google provides two version of this tool: –

  • Google analytics 360
  • Google analytics for mobile apps

The tool is very much integrated with the AdWords and webmasters can track analyze the traffic activity of the individual website. The part of sales and lead generation are also included in these tools. You will be able to download any particular file too according to needs and requirements. The Google analytics tool provides almost dashboard type data for the users to track the website activities. The report generated can be filtered according to the need. And you can also ask for advanced and detailed data interpretation. With the help of this tool one is able to track the pages that are performing poorly. The changes can be corroborated accordingly. The Google analytics provide the funnel visualization; with this the webmaster can track the online activity of each and every user of the website. As a matter of fact they can also locate the geographical location of the user. With the help of this data the required changes can be incorporated which will ultimately help in the growth of the sales and other substantial progress.

Things that you should Google analytics for

Google analytics is perhaps one of the most famous webmaster tools available over the internet. Over the year the company has earned the trust and the respect of the clients and the companies. People use this tool in order to enhance their website incorporate all the modern changes so that their business can flourish. The following are some of the most pragmatic features and options offered by Google: –

  • You will be able to see all the data about you website in the dashboard area of the Google analytics. The data is placed and ordered in such a way that you will be able to interpret in a glance. You will get the option of pie-charts, and all the other form of statistical interpretations.
  • You will be able to track down which online campaign has created the most web traffic. You will be able to acquire information of local searches and even the traffic created by the social media marketing. You will also get the option to advance segment. In order to catch traffic from the local searches you will have to put the site on Google map and similar other places.
  • With the help of Google analytics you will be able track down each and every visitor of your website. And not only that, this toll will also provide you information about all their activities on your website. Therefore, in this way you will be able to track down the best clients and the customers of your website. The most amazing part is the information about their accurate geophysical location.
  • In the world of digital marketing everyone is aware of the usage of keywords and how to use it effectively, but Google analytics provides a host of other options altogether. With the help of this Google tools the webmasters will be able to find out what exactly the users are looking for in the particular website and searching within the web portals. With the help of this tool you will be able to apply all the necessary tweaks and the enhancements in your websites.
  • Have you ever thought where exactly the users are clicking in your websites and web portals? With the help of In-page analytics you will get the exact and the most appropriate information.
  • You can also fetch information like which pages are keeping the users for the longest time. And also which pages are getting bounced. You can design the contents of the website according this information. You can keep the important contents in the pages that are attracting the visitors for a substantial amount of time.
  • You can very successfully determine the particular page that is performing the worst and attracting the lowest number of user hits. This will help you to enhance the credibility and the readability of the content of any particular low performing page.
  • Use the Goal funnel process of the Google analytics to track to know exactly when the visitors and the users are leaving the website after checking and adding multiple items in their accounts and shopping carts.
  • This tool also keeps a track of how many users around the globe are actually visiting the website from a mobile device. You can fetch this data very easily and conveniently. You can think of having a mobile friendly version of the website if the number of mobile device visitors is high or is increasing substantially.  

Google provides new and state of the art features

Google has supposedly launched a new advanced option in its analytics tool known as the audience report. This will help to determine the website’s custom audience. According to media reports and various technical magazines and blogs Google has made no official accouchements of this new rolled out features but the webmasters can use them from their accounts as the options are very clearly available for everyone. This reporting feature can be accessed manually by clicking on the “Audience” tab. In order to use this feature you will have to configure the option of the audience so that you can the analytics tool can provide with the right data. The advanced feature of this option: –

  • With the help of this option and feature the webmasters can keep a track on the custom audience of any particular website. Basically, custom audiences are the ones whose parameters are already defined previously. For example this audience can be created for the new visitors. Returning visitors, and also the previous purchasers.
  • Once the webmasters have defined the type and the pattern of the audiences the Google tool will automatically segregate and provide in the three following categories: – 
  1. Acquisition
  2. Behavior
  3. Conversions

With the help of this advanced data, the webmasters and the site owners can determine & analyze if all the marketing campaigns are moving towards right approach.

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