Block the account tracking companies to maintain your privacy on Facebook

Block the account tracking companies to maintain your privacy on Facebook

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Facebook is a social communication site nowadays over millions of people are connected with it. The basic concepts of Facebook are very clear for all of us. Additional information, which is necessary while talking about Facebook, is privacy. The Facebook is working on the security issues, the team members are planning on it. They understand the importance of privacy, thus choosing the best options to get rid out of companies who trace the link of accounts while using Facebook. These companies try to track the personal account and find out your information as much as possible. Whole of this process is quite tricky, after certain interval of time you will visualize that your privacy policy are often change by default.

How the process of tracking takes place:

Whenever you download applications on your Smartphone, keep one thing in mind that Facebook should be logout at same time. Using both apps at same time will be helpful for tracking companies. During this time period those companies will track out your whole details from profile.

It is important to have information about online companies which are member of ad networks. Therefore this ad network contains a code known as “cookie” it is in bit formation. Whenever any of us visits on different sites or apps, then they get on familiar with profile information. This is possible with the help of cookie, through this ad network get complete information where it has to send ads.

Steps to block the tracking companies for maintaining privacy on Facebook:

  • Certain steps are there which one should follow if want to maintain privacy on Facebook. One can do it by oneself, without taking any help. The steps are given below:
  • First of all, log in the Facebook account, after that the home page will be displayed in front of you. After visiting it click on the right side arrow button, which is pointed downward side on Facebook page.
  • After that the downward list will be available for you. Here the users can find the setting options. Click on the button for further processing.
  • Now the General account setting block will be appear on your screen. On the left hand side, you will find the word “Ads”. Click on it and a new page will be visible in front of you.
  • Here the users will find certain information written in the form of text, one has to perform a simple task just click on “edit” buttons at each section. Under each setting option, click on to “no one” and “save changes”.
  • After that, move to lock button display on the home page. Click on Privacy checkup button and then in setting go to “Apps”. Now get ready for results a page will be in front of you, where one can find the names of companies tracking you on Facebook.
  • After that, kill the targeting companies by clicking on it. Now delete the work history completely.

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