Important Message to all guest bloggers “Google will penalize guest blogging sites”

Important Message to all guest bloggers “Google will penalize guest blogging sites”

Again I say content is king. As an SEO person, I also do not allow my Guest-Blogger friends to publish any low quality content. There are many who try to write content, oops! Spin content and try to publish in different websites to generate backlinks. This is really not a good step to SEO as Google pays regular attention to this kind of activities.

“Content is king” and Bill Gates also confirmed the same in his writing back in 1996. (Note: the content is not live now. The way-back machine helped me to find this). Thank you Mr. Craig Bailey to publish this article again.

If you still want to publish any spined content or any copied article with the source mentioned, that will not going to help you.
If you are a publisher (who manage blogs and looks for quality content) or a Guest writer who is looking for a quality blog to publish an article, both of you need to know the basic rules:
  • Rule Number One: Google always likes quality informative content and relevancy.
  • Rule Number Two: Google doesn’t like copied & spun content and indecisive backlinks.
    So it would be an alert rather a suggestion that please don’t allow guest bloggers to post any article, where the purpose is only to generate a link, please think about the readers also.
    Do check this video by matts “What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?
If people are mistreating low quality guest posting in order to obtain a link without any effort to create an informative content, then according to matt, Google will certainly look into it. There is an alert in this video:
No one can recommend acceptance of this kind of tactics as a way of building links. Guest blogging with the similar topic on multiple blogs is another spam technique and the same goes for spinning articles too.
Here are five guidelines to all bloggers who accept guest post:
  • Number one: Authors must have a good track record of Guest blogging. And make sure they are not linking to any sites that are spammy.
  • Number Two: An author Bio link should go to the author profile page or to his/her own blog not to any commercial website.
  • Number three: The content must be unique and detailed to the topic. Do not receive any article that has already covered in any other blog.
  • Number Four: I find many bloggers provide author access to the guest blogger, please don’t do so. There are many bloggers who are so desperate and can do anything for money.
  • Number Five: No matter who writes the content, you should keep the ownership. As the writer can publish the same content to another blog and that will cause duplication. Publishing the content by their name is good but you should keep the rights.
Another set of messages that I would like to pass to the guest bloggers, who wants to publish their own unique content to webmasters blog as a guest writer:
  • Number one: Please check if the blog has good domain authority and quality traffic. Please do check with
  • Number Two: Please analyze the domain and make sure that is not built for advertising and link selling purpose only. You will find many blogs that have been created only to publish guest posts and earning money through adsence and selling links. I will suggest you please don’t go with those blogs as you won’t get quality reader there who will value your content.
  • Number Three: You may wish to publish your content in a blog that has good Pagerank, but please ensure it is not fake or dropped domain. Please do check with and also the recent cache in Google.
  • Number Four: Please do also check with SEO risky factors like one blog post is linking to finance site and another is linking to Viagra selling site. Make sure the blog is not selling links.
  • And Number Five: Please check the blog is already not banned with Google.
Hope this article will help you to be active in the SEO industry.

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