Google’s Focus on Quality Standard through Penguin Update

Google’s Focus on Quality Standard through Penguin Update

All of us who knew about GooglePanda algorithm can make sense out of Google Penguin Update. Penguin is a modified version of the Panda. Although we don’t know why Google is using the names of animals in its effort to curb web spamming, yet we, who work on and through the internet on a daily basis, need to know about the updates. Penguin unlike Panda is more powerful in tracking down websites using black hat techniques to feature in the first few rankings of Google’s search results. Hence, it is a kind of warning to the webmasters to be careful regarding content and overall website quality.

feedback on recent penguine update

Penguin has already tracked down several websites featuring in the first few search results which do not deserve the place. According to Matt Cutts from Google, this is an attempt to make the search experience better for Google users by cutting down on the websites which are faking quality. These websites which use techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking and hiding links and texts are making the search experience worse for users. The Penguin is going to rule with an iron fist in maintaining the strict quality standard of the websites featuring in the top search results.
This step was taken by Google to encourage webmasters to use white hat techniques to propel the ranking of their websites. This will not only help in maintaining the standard, but also in improving the user experience. Penguin is also capable of tracking duplicate content which is also employed by webmasters to win traffic. This is a popular black hat technique used wide across to spam Google. However, this is one of those areas where the Penguin algorithm might fail to function properly leaving room for errors. Penguin is not best while tracking duplicate content and moreover creating duplicate content is not penalized by Google. As far as the other black hat techniques are concerned, Penguin seems to be quite powerful in tracking them down.

So, if you are noticing a quick downfall in your website statistics, chances are that you have been hit by Penguin. However, do not get scared since there are ways in which you can avoid being hit and also ways which can help you recover from the downfall. One of the best ways to avoid being hit by Penguin is to use simple words and avoid industry jargon. Do guest posting carefully and avoid unnatural link exchange. With all the focus on quality, the time has become difficult for bloggers. Over optimization in any form will be punished once it is tracked through Penguin. However, in case you are hit and you think Google is wrong, you are welcome to file a reconsideration request explaining the fact.
Penguin is considerably a new update and there is every chance that it is flawed. Internet is already abuzz with a few criticisms regarding the functioning of Penguin algorithm. We have to wait and find out whether Penguin has been able to provide the best and desired results for Google and its users.

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