Do you think your sites are getting degraded in Google? Have knowledge of Panda or Farmer update

Do you think your sites are getting degraded in Google? Have knowledge of Panda or Farmer update

Certainly article submission is one of the effective off-page SEO tactics. But now you have to be a bit restricted while applying such tricks. Previously, one and all in the SEO world were alert to the algorithmic update Google launched in (on) 23rd of February (2011 and several reputed sites have been affected because of this Panda or Farmer update. Say, one of my favorite article site where I get a perfect definition on more or less every topic. But after this update it lost many visitors. See the Image below… and I know most of you are aware about it.

You can see not only there are many sites that have been affected. And most of these are human edited article directory; say,,, and many others. Basically such directories are used by webmasters to get a content link from an article to boost their site in Search Engine Result Page. Most of the off page optimizer submit one article to 10 to 15 directories to get more links with the same keyword. It means same content in different URL (The COPYSCAPE issue). Now you can understand the reason why those sites are losing their visitors from Google (Other search engine didn’t come up with such updates yet).

Well, in this circumstance if you get a link from such content, will that confer you same link juice that you used to get earlier? Not at all, even your site may (get) penalized for performing in such activity (article submission in multiple directories).

Conversely scrapers have a tendency of creating free blogs (blogger or wordpress) with full of copied content. They are too smart to publish copied content with a read more link to the original content page. Getting links from such blogs may decrease your website’s performance. So do not get links from such blogs to complete your monthly link target. And Google has come up with this updates to stop making such bullshits by the scrapers.

What to do and not to do?

You must be aware of, that some businesses are aggressively buying risky links and getting badly effected in Google rankings, in consequence of the update many SEO companies have been affected by the algorithmic drop in value of undesirable links from low quality or spammy domains.

Another major part of the update appears to be the importance of a Link profile, especially high amount of links with the same or nearly same anchor text. Websites that procured such links and didn’t scrutinize where the links derived in terms of relevance and authority, have been circuitously affected by the downgrading in link value.

For a long term project publish great content with useful resources related to your industry and make sure you submit one article in one article directory. These articles will attract links logically and perk up the performance of your website in long term.

An especial note for our content writers:

To avoid such things the initial steps should be taken by the content writers who provide us more and more unique article every day. They need to work more on article title and sub-title. As you know title is the most valuable part of the whole content. And avoid using repeated keywords 1% is fair enough to boom your content. Well after that concentrate on the topic deeply. May every day you have to write articles on the same topic, keep in mind that you do not use same or nearly same title again and again. And what you have to write in the body of the content that you know better than me {if you are content or a copywriter… ;)}.

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