Website Hit tracker: Great tool for success or poor accessory to failure?

Website Hit tracker: Great tool for success or poor accessory to failure?

At the age of post information-technology revolution internet has been established as the most dominant mode if mass communication, modern day mechanism regarding reaching out to people has reached its epoch. No matter who you are or what you do, some part of your life and livelihood is tangled with the World Wide Web. Internet primarily serves the purpose of campaigning – be it social, commercial, personal or of any other kind. If you have something that you want the world to know, then there is only one way out, and that is communicating via internet. Billions of people do so every day, do serve their variety of purposes. Now every system in the world is subject to several kinds of threats, which inevitably is followed by security measures, and internet is of no difference.


Web Analytics derives from many other reasons other than this. It is a system which monitors the data which is being circulated around the globe, focusing on a specific virtual domain or a geographical place. The primary intention is clear – one who is communicating his data via internet, needs a mechanism through which he will be able to see who is accessing his data.

If you own a website, you need to know how many people are visiting your site to run the site in a better way; and for that you need a hit tracker which will count the number against every visit at your site. So to communicate a message through the system commercially, it is essential for one to have an account of this mechanism which monitors the access.

Internet Marketing

If you are endorsing a product, you have to make sure that you have reached the targeted audience. You also need to know that how many people are actually accessing the endorsement to get the wholesome idea about the reception. So the most commonly using purpose of web analytics is the commercial one to make one aware of his reaches. There are several softwares programmed for this very purpose for analyzing the data regarding hits for every visit as a hit tracker works 24X7 to count the number.

Mechanism of the Measurement

A website is designed to communicate via several pages of images, articles or other contents. The moderator can access the automatically generated statistical data as the hit tracker marks every hit to get the idea. One can access data for not only file page visits, but file visits too, i.e. every file in the page. Generating the home page view is obvious, but the moderator can ask for more, to analyze the data provided by the hit tracker better. Packet sniffing is another process to access the data regarding web traffic as the system gathers a sample packet data randomly to get an overall idea reflecting the total internet usage by analyzing a small portion of web trafficking in a random period.
What Is Being Accessed?

There are several things that you need to know regarding the web trafficking for your site. The number of visitor is the primary thing to know, as it would indicate the number of people who have logged in your site. But people who have logged in may not necessarily have a through visit; therefore you need to know how many pages they have visited. A satisfying number of hits scored by the hit tracker would reflect the fact that they have found the site useful which led them to a thorough visit. Now, even if they visit more pages, that won’t ensure their deeper reading unless you know the duration. Hit tracker has count of that figure too. Hit tracker produces the average visit duration for both for the site and for each of the page. Both conventionally and practically it has been seen that a high score of hits reflects the fact that your website is serving the purpose in a good way. If you owning a website for your company, you will be pleased to know a fact – it is generally considered that if you have a higher chance to get calls for clients if you have more visit duration, as that reflects their interest in your company.

An Essential Apparatus

Apart from those depicted above, you also need to almost everything that directly or indirectly provides information regarding the access of your site, to plan your market strategy, or to alter if needed. The hit tracker records everything if you request for them. It is not important, but essential if one is taking the marketing on a serious note.

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