App Store Optimization is the new game in Digital marketing

App Store Optimization is the new game in Digital marketing

We all know mobile app marketing is one the key techniques in most of digital marketing activities. And less people go for this option due to high budget. But with numerous challenging apps accessible within Google Play and iTunes, app store optimization (ASO) is now very crucial for driving traffic to the particular app; specifically for those which aren’t developed by any recognized brands. Nowadays, demand for an app is really high. As day by day Android and IOS users are increasing

See the latest statistics:

Looking at the charts we can easily understand how important app marketing is? Specially for Android

App Store Optimization will help you get more traffic in small budgets.

How do you improve your ranking in App Search Result Page?
Here’s a bit by bit direction on how to get outstanding results in app search result page, in the end driving more traffic to the app.
Your app Name
  • Choosing the right phrase that describes your app
The ultimate philosophy of Search engine optimization will also work for ASO.  Write your AppStore page Meta title and description using the right keywords that your targeted audience might be searching for.
v  Think about the keywords related to the app you want to sell.
v  Which keywords are also used in similar app
v  Search with primary keywords on the App Store and discover who the performers are.
v  To some extent less popular key phrase with medium competition will also help you a great deal.
v  Localize your keywords to make your app accepted in certain geographic locations.
  • Create an eye-catching icon or logo for your app
The app’s icon is one of the primary things a user will see about your app. Make sure the app icon should be eye-catching to make people click, and unique to express its use:
  • Write an unique description that forces user to download
v  Write a small brief about your app and user must read it within 5 seconds
v  Using bullet points would be an advantage
v  Emphasize on the USP of your app
v  Provide contact details for support.
‘Promoting your app on Google Plus will be an added advantage for Google Play‘
  • Use screenshots 
One of the most significant aspects of promotion of your app on iTunes and Google Play is to use high-class screenshots. Based on how gorgeous it looks in the screenshots, most of the users will frame their mind about downloading.
Note: For iTunes the screenshots can be changed once you update, so ensure that you get it right.
v  Reviews and Ratings:
v  Well when I personally download any app from appstore, I always find the best rated app and also read the reviews. So you can ask you friends to write positive reviews to attract more users.
v  Make sure your app testing team writes their comments on the app and you can also ask your friend to give their valuable feedback and ratings.
  • Update your apps according to OS updates.
Create a video:
Create a video that show how the app works on your device. And publish it in your YouTube channel or you can also promote the same via Google plus or Facebook timeline. Now you will find more and more traffic to app.
People who have a bit more budget to advertise they certainly go for “Mobile display advertising” and “In-app advertising
I find there are many who searches for “Google play ranking algorithm”, Friends, we all know Google understand what is natural and there is nothing in Organic ASO, the ranking will always depend on installs vs. uninstalls rates, Good rating and reviews.

Enjoy creating new app and optimize to reach your targeted audience.

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